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Free Shipping on Orders Over $150

Casapinka Sharon Air MKAL

Join us for the Casapinka Sharon Air MKAL

Wendy will be knitting along Wednesday mornings 11am to 1pm

Jax will also be knitting along Thursday mornings 11am to 1pm

Clue 1 drops on August 12, then every Friday at Sharon From Security O’Clock which is “When I feel like it” (you know catz.)

You can purchase the pattern and find all of the details by CLICKING HERE

Here are some details from Casapinka:

Yarn Guidance
4 skeins of fingering weight yarn (400 yards each.) Remember that you don’t need to use all of the same brands or materials. You can also mix merino and silk, merino and nylon, etc. “Purists are for building planes not knittin - and they take all the fun outta it!” (SFS)

You can use any 4 colors of yarn. They can be a fade, variegated, color blocked, whatever you want. A few sections will require contrast but you will have enough yarn to alter the assigned color when you get there so don’t get hung up on that. You don’t need a lot of contrast for this shawl so that black and white phone trick is useless for this.

Here are Wendy & Jax's Colorway & Yarn Choice:

This is a new shape of shawl for us and rather uncommon. It wraps nicely and can be made longer. It is suitable for the intermediate beginner. You have to just trust the cat.